Dr. Sachin :
        Dr. Sachin Nandedkar has passed his ayurveda bachelor degree from Pune University. He had also done his diploma degree in Yoga & ayurveda, Astrology, Neumerology from Pune. He is passed MD (AM) from Mumbai. He is practicing ayurvedic panchakarma since 15 years. He was honorary lecturer & adviser to many famous institutions. Many patients in India & abroad get benefited from his pulse diagnosis, leech therapy and panchakarma treatment. He got traditional ayurveda knowledge from many famousayurveda and yogic traditions.Dr. Sachin participated in many international conferences & television interviews on National Geographic chanel & U.S. mtv. His articles on various subjects are published in national – international newspapers, magazines and websites.
Dr. Kirti :
        Dr. Kirti has completed her graduation in the field of ayurveda from Pune. She also passed diploma course in ayurveda & yoga, Jyotish, Neumerology from Pune. She passed MD (AM) from Mumbai. She is working in many fields like panchakarma, yoga, dietitics, neumerology. Her profound knowledge in this field solved health problems of many patients worldwide. She is having touch of many ayurveda traditions. Along with Dr. Sachin she also participated on channels like National Geography & US mtv. For leech therapy. Her articles on various subjects are published in many national – international newspapers, magazines and websites.
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